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News / Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions

2019 Feb. 21. – 24.: Art Karlsruhe (Galerie ARTHUS)
Karlsruhe (DE), One Artist Show

2019 May 12. – 14.: Discovery Art Fair Köln (Galerie ARTHUS)
Köln (DE), Group Exhibition

2019 May 25. – June 30.: Kunstforum
Laubach (DE), One Artist Show

2019 June 1. – 16.: Kloster Arnsburg (Fûkeiga + Hinter Glass)
Gießen (DE), Group Exhibition

2019 Aug. 1. – 4.: Ansicht Sache
Bad Homburg (DE), One Artist Show

2019 Oct. 31. – Nov. 3.: Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt
(Galerie ARTHUS)
Frankfurt (DE), One Artist Show

2019 Nov. 14. – 17.: Affordable Art Fair Hamburg (Galerie ARTHUS)
Hamburg (DE), Group Exhibition


Exhibition List

Overview with all past and upcoming exhibitions

2019Nov. 14. - 17.DEHamburgAffordable Art Fair Hamburg
(Galerie ARTHUS)
Group Exhibition
2019Oct. 31. - Nov. 3.DEFrankfurtDiscovery Art Fair Frankfurt
(Galerie ARTHUS)
One Artist Show
2019Aug. 1. - 4.DEBad HomburgAnsicht SacheOne Artist Show
2019June 1. - 16.DEGießenKloster Arnsburg
(Fûkeiga + Hinter Glass)
Group Exhibition
2019May 25. - June 30.DELaubachKunstforumOne Artist Show
2019May 12. - 14.DEKölnDiscovery Art Fair Köln
(Galerie ARTHUS)
Group Exhibition
2019Feb. 21. – 24.DEKarlsruheArt Karlsruhe
(Galerie ARTHUS)
One Artist Show
2018Nov. 2. - 4.DEFrankfurtDiscovery Art Fair FrankfurtGroup Exhibition
2018AugustDEGießenKloster ArnsburgOne Artist Show
2018May - JuneDEKölnGalerie ARThus 2018One Artist Show
2018Apr. 20. - 22.DEKölnDiscovery Art Fair KölnGroup Exhibition
2018Feb. 22. – 24.DEKarlsruheArt KarlsruheOne Artist Show
2017NovemberDEBad HomburgGalerie ZehentscheuneOne Artist Show
2017OctoberDEWuppertalWOGAGroup exhibition
2017OctoberDEHanauKunst im AbtshofGroup exhibition
2017AugustDERodgauKulturtageGroup exhibition
2017JulyDEFrankfurtFlorian Kappe Fine ArtsGroup exhibition
2017JulyDEDüsseldorfClean Art GalleryPermanent exhibition
2017AprilDEGießenKloster ArnsburgOne Artist Show
2017FebruaryDEKarlsruheArt KarlsruheOne Artist Show
2016Oct. - Dec.DEFriedbergLandratsamtOne Artist Show
2016OctoberDERodgauKulturtageGroup exhibition
2016June - Sept.DEGießenFinanzamtOne Artist Show
2016AprilDEAschaffenburgMenschwerkGroup exhibition
2016March - MayDEMannheimKassnerOne Artist Show
2015NovemberDEWiesbadenGalerie Neo ZoomOne Artist Show
2015Oct. - Dec.DEMannheimKassnerOne Artist Show
2015OctoberDEFriedbergKunst im SalonOne Artist Show / Auction
2015SeptemberDEFriedbergKVGroup exhibition
2015MayDEAschaffenburgMenschwerkGroup exhibition
2015AprilDEFlorstadtGalerie LimesOne Artist Show
2014DecemberDEBad NauheimKerckhoff KlinikOne Artist Show
2014NovemberDEBad HomburgGalerie SeePermanent exhibition
2014SeptemberDEFriedbergKVGroup exhibition
2014JuneDEBad HomburgLouisenarkadenFirst solo exhibition